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Goodlaw & HOA Coach Podcast: Parliamentary Rules and “No Quorum”

Myth: “No quorum, no meeting!” HOA Coach educates HOA attorney on Robert’s Rules of Order.

Go straight to the podcast here… or read about how this podcast came to be, below.

Goodman Holmgren Smith Law Group Podcast

Episode 14

Robert Rules of Order and HOAs: What Applies and What Doesn’t

Many directors get confused about what parliamentary rules apply and which one’s don’t.  In this podcast we dive into the details of Roberts Rules of Order with an expert in this field, making it easier for boards to understand.

How This Podcast Came to Be

Earlier in 2021 I attended training provided by my HOA’s management company, and the attorney made the following statement: “No quorum, no meeting.”

As someone very familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order, I cringed. This is simply not true!

But I wrote an email to the speaker shortly afterward and politely informed him of the error. His response surprised me a little bit: an invitation to participate in a podcast!

Due to a variety of scheduling conflicts, this took a few months to get off the ground, but was finally released August 23, 2021. Clint Goodman, the lead attorney at the firm, is a great guy whom I’ve spoken with briefly several times at various HOA-related events. While I was hoping to focus primarily (and briefly) on the concept that “no quorum… there was still a meeting!”, his interview took me through a broad range of other topics as well.

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