Vote in a Mock Election!!

Participate in a mock election and see how the HOA Coach and Simply Voting will make your annual election a success.

To demonstrate the capability of Simply Voting and the HOA Coach, I’m conducting small “mock elections” (10 or less voting participants per election) to show you how your association can conduct it’s annual election. I plan to run one every month… more if there’s demand.

On Time. Online. At Home.

To participate, simply send an email to and request to be added to the next demonstration.

While participating in the elecrion process over a couple of days, I’ll walk you through the entire process:

  • Pre-election planning
  • Ballot set-up with candidate bios and any additional voting items
  • Uploading voting member data
  • Communicating the voting procedure with your members
  • Conducting the election
  • Validating and announcing the results

No obligation. But if you like what you see, I’ll work with your association leaders to make this happen for your community.

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