Got a problem? Get some help!

The HOA Coach will help you find solutions to your HOA issues. Have dysfunctional meetings? Angry homeowners? Rogue directors?

I’ll help you make things right.

Meet Online/Electronically!

We’ve all heard the news about COVID-19… it seems like every organization in the world has sent you their “COVID-19 Alert” email. Maybe even your own HOA or management company has chimed in.

Many HOAs would like to continue to meet and conduct business without all gathering in the same space — you know, “social distancing”. Holding meetings electronically isn’t difficult, and the HOA Coach can help facilitate your first few meetings directly, and either let you run with it on your own, or continue to facilitate future meetings for you.

Other Services

Coaching Homeowners and Associations

There are a number of “homeowner assistance” groups out there that will only help homeowners fighting against their HOA, and of course there are management companies and “HOA attorneys” that help HOAs fight against their members.

The HOA Coach is different, more of a communication and mediation guy. I’ll be the calm one in the room, and talk with both sides to come to a reasonable agreement. Homeowner or association — reach out to me and I’ll help you get the issue behind you, so everyone can move forward.

If you just want to gripe and complain and not actually work toward a solution, please go talk with those other organizations! I’ll help you get things done and over with.

Association Strategy and Tactics

Is your association floundering? Not really being run like a corporation? (You are probably incorporated in your state as a non-profit corporation… act like one!) Let the HOA Coach work with you to streamline your processes with well-worded documentation that anyone can read and understand, and which properly shape the way the association should treat your neighbors. You know: those people that actually live in the community you’re watching over.

Be a well run corporation that cares for your neighbors and your community.

Training for Everyone

The HOA Coach is developing courseware that covers a wide range of HOA educational topics, from “how to write meeting minutes” to “preparing a disaster plan”. Look for these courses in late spring!

Unique Perspectives in Association Management

Are you tired of the management company roller coaster? You did the interviews and hired the best — the pick of the litter. Now, a couple of years later, they’re not treating you so well, and you’re going to get proposals from another round of suitors.

Let the HOA Coach work with you on the proposal process. I’ve developed an 8-page proposal that asks a lot of the questions you never thought to ask. And I have a few suggestions for making sure you get the best transition possible after the contract is signed.