HOA Dialogues Are Here!

December’s Focus Question came from Sun City Texas Community Association and was posted on the CAI Exchange Forum: How would you structure a Leadership Council that would identify, mentor, and encourage leadership for your communities in a volunteer capacity?

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Watch the first episode:

See the Ground Rules here. Sessions are recorded and live streamed or uploaded to the HOA Coach YouTube channel.

Coming in 2022: Practical Parliamentary Education Sessions

The HOA Coach is working with several experienced parliamentarians to develop a 6-session course in the practical use of parliamentary procedures. The 12th Edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR) is 800 pages of detailed, complex rules… but you just need the basics. We’ll boil it down for you in practical terms, giving you and your board just enough to get through your association’s business efficiently and effectively.

Plans are underway for two training modes:

  • Online interactive meeting format, with scripted scenarios that everyone can participate in to see how to avoid the bottlenecks that often occur.
  • Online self-paced courseware that you can refer to again and again, if needed, with videos that show the techniques in action along with scripts so you can follow along.

Both training modes will include access to periodic practical interactive exercises in small online “mock meetings” guided by experienced parliamentarian educators. “Learn by doing”, taking turns being meeting chair — and when you’re not the chair, learn ways you can help guide the meeting as a participant.

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